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The team of KPM CONSULT, a.s. experts is here for you.

Kpm Provide


comprehensive transport engineering services focused on system solutions for transport services in the city of regions, development of transport infrastructure and transport telematics, including the implementation of ITS intelligent transport systems, using modern principles and emphasis on sustainable transport development in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Kpm Process


integrated transport strategies, sustainable mobility plans, general plans for the development of transport infrastructure and transport services, proposals for modernization of road and rail transport infrastructure, conceptual balance studies, feasibility studies in EU standards, studies of institutional and economic support for public transport development in regions, cities and conurbations.

Kpm Suggest


always systemic and complete solutions - with a description of costs and benefits, time aspects, for partial solutions with a description of systemic links to the conceptual development of the solved area and the solved topic to maintain synergistic effects of investments with a list of recommendations for further action for customers.

Kpm Do


Traffic engineering and telematics

Independent consulting activities, transport surveys, to maintain a high level of services we actively participate in various research, development and innovation programs, supervise transport systems and manage the implementation phase of investment projects, implement lifelong learning projects in transport engineering and telematics, process access documentation for drawing European funds, for the needs of transport customers we process economic breakdowns of costs of bus suburban transport, rail transport and all modes of public transport, we solve and propose the development of integrated transport systems (ITS) comprehensively in all areas - organizational (institutional), operational, standardization and economic) , we process tender documentation in the field of investments in transport infrastructure,transport telematics and carrier selection in public transport systems.

Transportation construction

Advisory and engineering services of specialists in the coordination of procedures related to the modernization of the railway network and the construction of corridors.